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Flavio Prà’s Soave Classico

September 5, 2008

Flavio Prà studied with some of Veneto’s finest winemakers to become an experienced and enterprising young producer with his company, I Campi. His focus is the importance of an ideal terrain, and the complete elimination of chemicals from the winemaking process.

Domenico Valentino is pleased to introduce Flavio Prà’s Soave Classico, named Campo Vulcano, a crisp and refined blend of the DOC’s primary varieties, Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave.

The wine will be available for tasting by appointment next week. If you wish to arrange a tasting, please call 718-902-1140 or email info@domenicovalentino.

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I Campi di Flavio Prà

Fourth-generation producer and brother of winemaker Graziano Prà, young Flavio Prà has already established himself as a renowned figure in Veneto, forging a reputation as one of the region’s best producers of Soave and Valpolicella.

A keen student of enology, following graduation Flavio worked for 15 years as a consultant to some of the area’s top wineries who sought to produce wines of the highest quality. This experience, while broadening his knowledge of the winemaking industry also allowed him to hone his craft and conceive of his very own brand.

Flavio states that terroir and terrain are essential factors in producing a superior wine, a philosophy which led him on a search for the zone’s most optimum “campi” (literally “fields”), from which the company takes its name.

All of Flavio’s vineyards are cultivated using natural methods. The estate has successfully abolished all chemical herbicides in the belief that a terroir can no longer exist as such if it becomes sterilized by continuous chemical interventions.

Soave Classico Campo Vulcano 2007

The Soave Classico denomination specifies Soave hailing from the neighboring towns of Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone, each located roughly 20-25 kilometers east of Verona. These sites are considered the oldest in the Soave DOC, and are often referred to as the “zona storica“. Flavio Prà’s Soave Classico is a blend of Garganega (85%) and Trebbiano di Soave (15%), grapes which are grown on 100% volcanic earth, resulting in the name “Campo Vulcano“. Intense both in its straw yellow color and on the nose and palate, the wine remains fine and fresh, releasing aromas typical of the two primary Soave DOC varieties.