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Sparkling whites

July 25, 2008

Introducing Prosecco from Col de’ Salici, and the return of Lini’s Labrusca Bianco

This week we are featuring two sparkling whites, Prosecco Brut from Col de’ Salici and Lini’s Labrusca Bianco. We are excited to add Prosecco to our portfolio, having found an excellent Prosecco producer, Col de’ Salici. We are also happy to announce the return of Lini’s Lambrusco Labrusca Bianco, which had been sold out due to its popularity (now on both coasts).Both wines are the perfect bottles to be enjoyed by the glass on a warm summer’s evening. The wines will be available for tasting by appointment next week. If you are interested in tasting the featured wines and wish to arrange a meeting, please email or call 718 902-1140.

Our full portfolio is available at

Col de’ Salici
The Veneto town of Valdobbiadene, and its neighbor Conegliano, are home to Prosecco, one of Italy’s most popular grape varieties, and a local source of pride in the area. Valdobbiadene is listed as one of Italy’s “Città del Vino” (“Wine Cities”) and for over forty years has hosted a sparkling wine fair, today known as Forum Spumanti d’Italia. For over a century meanwhile, Conegliano has housed the renowned Scuola di Viticultura e Enologia (School of Viticulture and Enology) which was founded in 1876 and today continues to ensure quality of production is maintained in the region.

Prosecco Brut di Valdobbiadene
Lately Col de’ Salici has taken important decisions regarding its Prosecco. Recognizing that their location in the hilly subzone of Valdobbiadene would produce a superior crop, the company has chosen to focus solely on producing a line of high-quality sparkling proseccos. The firm believes that the Spumante Prosecco is the finest expression of the DOC variety, and having this wine it’s hard to disagree. Prosecco Brut di Valdobbiadene is a dry and structured spumante, typically aromatic and fruity, possessing an unmistakable elegance.

Lini 910
Lini has been producing wines from Emilia Romagna’s Lambrusco grape for nearly 90 years, where the variety pairs beautifully with the region’s food. Since our introduction of Lini’s line of Lambruscos to the U.S. market last summer, the wines have enjoyed tremendous success in the New York area, garnering much attention in the local press. Most recently, Alicia Lini (fourth-generation Lambrusco producer and international spokesperson for the brand) was featured in the June/July issue of Men’s Vogue, in an article written by Lawrence Osborne assessing the resurrection of this variety’s somewhat tarnished image in this country.

Labrusca Bianco
White Lambrusco? Yes, indeed: Fabio Lini, the enologist at Lini, makes this wonderfully light, bright Lambrusco by not allowing any contact with the skins of the grapes during fermentation. Labrusca Bianco is inspired by the wines that local farmers made in Fabio’s youth. Made from Salamino and Ancellotta grapes, this Lambrusco is fermented and allowed to rest for at least three months in large stainless steel vats. Fabio does not like to hurry fermentation. “Otherwise,” he says, “I wouldn’t be able to achieve the wonderful mouthfeel of this wine.”

These wines will be available for tasting by appointment next week. If you are interested in tasting the featured wines and wish to arrange a meeting, please email or call 718-902-1140. Our full portfolio is available at