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Classic Barbera

July 18, 2008

This week we are thrilled to introduce the wines from the Castello di Montegrosso, where some of Piemonte’s finest Barbera is produced. Ruleja is classic expression of the much-loved Barbera variety, and we are excited to have obtained the 2001 and 2003 vintages.

The wine will be available for tasting by appointment next week. If you are interested in tasting the featured wines and wish to arrange a meeting, please email or call 718 902-1140.

Our full portfolio is available at, and information about this tasting and future events is available on the Domenico Valentino blog.

Castello di Montegrosso

The Montegrosso winery is steeped in history: documents show that its present owners, the Motta family, have been producing wine since 1794. The company itself takes its name from the feudal Castel di Montegrosso d’Asti (pictured above), built in 1134 by order of the Marquis Bonifacio del Vasto, which dominates the hilly area around Asti in Piemonte. This historical awareness is evident in the Mottas’ approach to wine-making. Ruleja is left to age within the castle’s old cellars, bringing forth the Barbera d’Asti’s most marked yet delicate characteristics.

Ruleja 2001 and 2003

The Ruleja vineyard is located outside the town of Montaldo Scarampi, 9 kilometres south-east of Asti. The vineyard’s two hectares were planted with Barbera over 60 years ago. The calcareous and clayey nature of the soil and optimum exposure create ideal conditions for cultivating Barbera.

Following fermentation, during the winter, Ruleja is stabilized naturally in vats outside the cellar. It is then transferred into French barriques, where it matures for twelve months. The wine is then racked into in 25-hectoliter Slavonian-oak barrels in preparation for bottling.

Ruleja is a fine expression of Barbera d’Asti, full-bodied with medium-to-high acidity, moderate tannin and earthy hints of sour black cherries and subtle wood on the nose. Enjoy it with veal stew, truffled canapés, chicken-filled crespelle, onion and salame tart or the local toma cheese.