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Certified Organic

October 24, 2008

Introducing wines by our most natural producers

Tuscan producer Guido Gualandi personally oversees every aspect of the winemaking process.

Although Domenico Valentino prides itself on a portfolio full of artisinal wines from producers dedicated to a natural wine-making process and full enological expression, it is hard to argue with an official stamp of certification.

In our portfolio we have three wonderful producers, who, by various motivations and methods, achieve ICEA organic certification. The Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) of the 1990 Farm Bill established a method of ensuring uniform standards for the production and handling of foods labeled as “organic.” The National Organic Program (NOP) certifies that products labeled Organic meet USDA standards, and also accredits the 40 foreign Accredited Certifying Agents, including ICEA (Instituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale), that uphold these standards abroad.

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Cascina Corte (Piemonte)
Sandro Barossi and Amalia Battaglia have spent the last six years rehabilitating the centuries-old Casa Corte and its adjoining vineyards atop Dogliani’s famed San Luigi Hill. They have coaxed their 60-year-old Dolcetto vines into successfully accepting sustainable viticultural methods.

Dolcetto di Dogliani 2006
Dolcetto 750ml

Vigna Pirochetta 2005
Dolcetto 750ml

Guido Gualandi (Toscana)
Dedicated to hand-making natural wines in the methods of ages past, Guido Gualandi meets ICEA viticultural standards and carries this philosophy into vinification. The winery and residence use 90% renewable energy sources, with a goal of reaching 100% in the next 2 years. Gualandi also cultivates antique varieties such as Fogliatonda and Pugnitello, as well as older varieties of Sangiovese, such as Abrusco. The materials used in the winemaking are the same as those used one hundred years ago, if not five hundred. The fermentation takes place in semi-conical vats or in Italian-style Slavonian oak and chestnut barrels. The pressing takes place with the use of a single hand press.

Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2007
Sangiovese, Foglia Tonda, Colorino / 750ml

Cavalleresco 2005
Sangiovese, Merlot / 750ml

Gualandus 2005
Sangiovese / 750ml

ERA (Sicilia)
ERA brings together talented Italian enologist Carlo Volpi, Bottle Green (an importer and agent for organic wines in the UK), and Sicilian organic viticulture specialists certified under EEC law. The first vintage was produced in 2001, after much research, careful selection and tending of vineyards in Marche, Abruzzo and Sicily. ERA, meaning “as it was”, is a return to the past when the use of chemicals and fertilizers did not exist and producers had more respect for nature and biodynamic processes. The juice is brought to the Volpi Cantina in Piedmont where Carlo Volpi oversees vinification and bottling in his state of the art cellars.

Inzolia 2007
Inzolia / 750ml

Nero d’Avola 2007
Nero d’Avola / 750ml