Something bubbly for the holidays

Three festive sparklers from Lini to get the season popping


Alicia Lini and baby Alba photographed by Domenico Valentino's Jim Hutchinson at the Lini estate in Correggio, Reggio Emilia, last month.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and at Domenico Valentino we’re already thinking about what to pop this holiday season. That’s why this week we’re featuring three wines from renowned Lambrusco producer LINI910, which are guaranteed to get the party started. Though two of the wines are Lambrusco, two are red, and two are made using the metodo classico, no two are quite the same. The holiday season is the best time to enjoy these very festive sparkling wines from one of our most popular producers.

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3-bubbly-linisMetodo Classico Bianco 2000
Fabio Lini, a big fan of Champagne, spent years developing and refining his homage to the great French appellation. Lini’s Metodo Classico Bianco is a blend of the classic Champagne varieties Pinot Nero and Chardonnay, and is made using the traditional practice of having the second fermentation happen in bottle. He vintage dates his Metodo Classico and waits at least four years after harvest to release the wine. This remarkable wine is an ideal holiday aperitivo.

Metodo Classico Rosso 2003
“I have discovered the best Lambrusco in the world,” writes Daniele Cernilli, editor-in-chief of Gambero Rosso’s Guide to the Wines of Italy, “and it is called Corrigia Brut. Serve it chilled… paired with charcuterie, fried foods, and flavorful first courses. You can even serve it with just a cracker topped with mortadella: it will make you feel like you can reach up and touch the sky with your finger.” We, like Cernilli, found Lini’s festive and creamy Lambrusco the best we had ever tasted. Pair it with a holiday snack, such as shards of Parmigiano Reggiano and strawberries drizzled ever so gently with a kiss of traditional balsamic vinegar.

Lambrusco Rosso Scuro 2007
Lini’s Lambrusco Scuro is the firmer, more austere relative of our wildly popular Labrusca Rosso. Made of Lambrusco Salamino and Ancelotta, the same Lambrusco sub-varieties that go into the Labrusca, Scuro undergoes a longer maceration and full alcoholic fermentation, resulting in a drier, more structured wine than its cousin. Lambrusco Scuro is perfect with Emilia-Romagna’s meat-based dishes, or even your Thanksgiving turkey.

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  1. Do Bianchi Says:

    that picture of Alicia and Alba is adorable. So cool that the metodo classico is in now too…

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